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Leidse Country Line Dancers
Leidse Country Line Dancers Country Line Dancing

Uitgeleste Dansen

12th Of Never

A Cowboy and A Dancer

A Little Bit Closer

A Little Boogie Woogie

Aces Shuffle

Acting Crazy (Apr '11)
Ain't Misbehavin (Jan '16)

Agua Dulce

Agua Y Feugo (Sep '16)

All About A Woman

All About That Bass

All Night Kiss (Feb '13)

All You Need (Mrt '11)

Almost Saturday Night


A Million Voices

Amsterdam Moonlight (Sep '13)

A Natural Woman


Baby Blues (Jan '10)

Baby Cha

Baby Im Burning

Baby Jane

Back Again

Back In Time (Okt '11)

Back To Front

Backwoods Girl


Beautiful Senorita

Beer Goggles

Bethlehem Child

Better Times (Aril '14)

Better When I'm Dancing (Dec '15)

Bible Belt Boogie (Apr '15)

Big Blue Tree (Dec '15)

Big Dawg

Big Love

Blue Gemini  (Nov '12)

Blue Jeans On

Blue Night Cha (Okt '10)

Blue Tango

Bobbi With An I (Mei '10)

Boogie All Over Town (Feb '14)

Boomerang (Sep '16)

Boogie Bogie Woogie (Jan '17)

Boogie Woogie Sheriff

Bored To Death (Dec '16)

Break It Back Down (Apr '17)

Bring On The Good Times (Mei '16)

Bruises (Mei '13)

Bruno's Way (Mrt '11)

Building Bridges

Bye Bye Piccolssima (Feb '13)

Cabo San Lucas

Calypso Mexico (Feb '11)

Canadian Stomp

Can't Shake You (Nov '12)

Caribbean Plans

Caught In The Moonlight (Okt '14)

Cecilia (Mei '15)

Celoso Joso

Champagne Promise


Chica Boom Boom

Chilli Hot

Cloud Number 9 (Nov '13)


Cold Heart

Come Back My Love

Come Dance With Me

Come On Closer (Nov '16)

Come On Over

Cooley's Reel (Mei '11)

Corazon De Metal

Cotton Lickin Morning

Coupe de Ville

Crazy Amazing (Nov '09)

Crazy Cha

Crazy For You (Nov '15)

Crazy Foot Mambo

Crodile Roll (Dec '14)

Cruel Intentions

Crystal Clear

Cuba Libre



Dance With Derek

Dance With Me

Dance With Me (gev) (Sep '10)

Dance Without A Partner

Dancin' Floor

Dancin' Thing

Dancing In Line

Danger Twins

Devotion (Sep '11)


Distant Shore (Jan '10)

Dixie Falls

Dog & Bone

Doing The Walk

Do It With Style

Done Dusted

Dont Feel Like Dancing

Don't Let Me Down (Gallagher)

Don't Let Me Down (McGowan Hickie)

Dont You Wish

Doo Whay Diddy (Mrt '12)

Don't Let Me Down (Dec  '11 )

Do The Dance

Dream Lover  (Nov '13)

Dream Of You (Feb '10)

Drinkin' Beer (Nov '10)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (Mrt '17)

Duck Soup

Echoes Of Love (Feb '17)

El Bacalao

El Perdon (Nov '15)

Enough Is Enough

Everybody Says


Eyes For You

Faith, Hope & Love

Fall In Love  (Mrt '14)

Fast Living

Favorite Bands

Feel Good (Apr'16)

Feel The Magic

Feel Right (Apr '10)

Feels So Real (Sep '15)

Fire N Water

First Step (Sep '11)

Flame Of Love (Sep '15)

Float Ya Boat

Fly High (Jan '14)

Fool In Me (Jan '10)

Foolish Heart

Foot Boogie

For Your Memory (Nov '15)


Door op een dans te klikken, opent de stepsheet in een apart venster.


French Toast Lite (Okt '11) 

From Time To Time

Funky Sole (Mrt '17)

Gadis Melayu (Apr '16)

Gambling Man (Mei '11)

Get Around

Get Down The Fiddle (Sep '16)

Get It Right

Gives Me Shivers

Go Mama Go

Go Seven  (Dec '11)


Grundy Gallop

Hanging Out In Florida

Havana Cha

Have A Heart

Have I Told You

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Mrt '12)

Heart Of An Angel

Heart Of The Ocean

Heavenly Created

Hello Dolly (Feb '11)

Here's To Us

Here We Go

Hey Boy  (Mei '12)

Hey Hey Baby

Hey Senorita

Highway Don't Care

His Only Need (Okt '12)


Homesick Heart


Honky Tonk Highway

Hop It (Mrt '10)

Hotdog Boogie


Hurts Like A Cha Cha

I Can't Be Bothered

Ice Cream Castles In The Sky (Mrt '10)

I Close My Eyes

I Could Be Persuaded (Nov '12)

I Cry (Feb '13)

I Love This Town

I Loved Her First

I'm In Chains

I'm No Good (Apr '11)

I Must Be Dreaming

I'm On My Way

I'm Yours

In The Blood

In The Morning Sun

Into The Dark Night

Intrigue (Apr '12)

In Your Eyes

Irish Stew

I Run To You (Okt '10)

I Saw Linda

I Saw Linda Yesterday (Apr '12)

Island Cha (Sep '13)

Islands In The Stream

I've Cried My Last Tear

I've Got Mexico

I've Picked The Wrong Night

I Will Be Yours

Jailhouse Creole

Jamaican Love (Jun '12)

Jersey Boys


Jig About (Nov '10)

Joana  (Apr '13)

Just Add Moonlight

Just A Little Bit Longer (Mrt '11)

Just A Little Love

Just Go (Mei '13)

Just too much


Keep It Simple

Keep On Dancing

Keep Young

Kendji Party (Okt '15)

Key Lime Pie

King Of The Road

Kissy Kissy

Kiss Me Quick (Sep '13)


Last Christmas

Late Night Call  (Apr '13)

Leaving Of Liverpool

Left In The Dark (Nov '16)

Let It Go

Let Me Sleep  (Nov '13)

Let's Dance Forever

Light In Your Eyes Cha


Little Bluff (Sep '10)

Little Ol' Kisses (Jan '11)

Little Rhumba

Lonely Inside

Looking Up

Look Twice

Lost Without Cha

Love Grows

Love Is A Game

Love Is A Miracle (Feb '15)

Love, JoAnn (Feb '11)

Love Junk (Dec '16)

Love On The Rocks

Lover (Mei '10)

Lover Please

Love Trick

Love You A Million Times (Sep '13)

Love You In A Barrel (Sep '12)

Love You More

Luna Lite (Nov '11)

Madhouse To The Max

Make It A Memory

Make It Snappy

Make The World Go Round (Mrt '16)

Making History (Apr '16)

Making Tracks

Mambo Rock

MamboSA (Jun '10)

Mamma Maria (Sep '12)

Mamma Mia! Why Me?

Mardi Gras Mambo (Herhaal Dec '11)

Margaritas & Senoritas (Nov '11)

Martini Moments (Jan '10)

Mellow Moonlight 

Memphis (Okt '10)


Mexican Pepper Doll (Mrt '12)

Mexi-Fest  (Feb '13)

Mi Carino Maria

Miller Magic

Miny Moe (Jan '12) 

Money For Nothing

Moonlight Kiss

More Than A Friend  (Jan '12)

Most Of All

Mountain of Love

Move That Groove (Feb '15)

Must We Had A Ball (Sep '11)

My Angel And Me

My Bestie


NaNaNaNaNa  (Mei '12)

Nancy Mulligan (Apr '17)

Naughty But Nice

New Horizon  (Nov '14)

New Shade Of Blue (Mei '15)

Nimby EZ (Jan '17)

No Goodbyes (Jan '11)

Nothing Really Matters

No Tricks

Not That Lonely Yet

Oh Candida

Oh Me Oh My Oh

Old 97


On The Line

On Your Marks

One More Midnight

One Night Will Do

Only U

On The Loose

On Your Marks

Oops Baby

Out & Jump (Sep '10)

Outside In

Papa Joe

Peligrosa (Mrt '15)

Peppermint Twist


Pick Up Your Phone

Play Me A Dancer

Pockets On My Shirt

Polka Dot Bikini

Pollina Reggae

Preacher Man (Nov '09)

Pretty in Pink

Pull You Through

Puttin' On The Nines (Jan '14)

Puttin' On The Ritz

Quality Shoe

Que Sera (Mei '13)

Raised Like That

Ready To Roll

Really Cool

Reflection (Mrt '13)

Remember The Days


Right Where I Want You


Rita's Waltz

River Of Dreams (Mrt '12)

Rock And Roll Kiss EZ

Rollin' With The Flow

Rosa Del Mar  (Okt '16)

Rumba Rhythm (Sep '12)

Runnin' Water

Running Out Of Beer (Apr '10)

Sadie's Dress (Jan '16)

Said Something Good To Teddy

Santa's Box

Say That Ya Love Me

Sea Salt Sally

Senorita (Feb '10)

Shakin Mix

Shakin My Head

Shambala (Feb '12)

Shattered Dreams (Mrt '13)

Sho'nuff (Feb '10)

Shy Waltz

Side By Side (Mrt '16)

Sidewinder Swing

Silver Lining (Nov '13)

Simply Nightclub (Jan '12)

Simply Shuffle 

Simply Honky Tonk

Sin City Swing (Okt '09)

Singing The Blues (Mrt '10)

Single Waltz

Six Mexican Beers

Skinny Genes  (Feb '12)

Sky Loves Blue

Sleeping Child (Dec '10)

Slow Down Brother (Mei '16)

Small Stuff


Snow Girl Charleston (Sep '15)

So Incredible

So Just Dance Dance (Sep '16)

Some Girls Will (Okt '16)

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Something In the Water (Sep '11)

South Australia (Mrt '15)


Speak With Your Heart (Jan '10)

Special Delivery

Ssshhh! (Jan '15)

Stay Stay Stay

Sticky Sweet Stuff

Storm and Stone

Stripes (Jan '14)

Stroll Alone Cha Cha

Such A Fool  (Sep '14)

Summer Girl (Sep '11)

Summer Rendez-Vous

Summertime Love (Sep '15)

Superheroes  (Nov '14)

Superstar (Nov '10)

Sweet Ireland

Sweet Mama

Sweet Smile

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Swinging With The King (Mei '10)

Tangerine Skies

Tears On A Highway (Mei '14)

Tennessee Waltz Surprise (Nov '10)

Thanks A Lot

Thank You

The Boat To Liverpool (Mei '14)

The Blarney Roses (Sep '12)

The Cradle  (Nov '14)

The Good Life (Sep '13)

The Morning Come, JoAnna (Mrt '11)

The Music Man

The Story Of My Life

The Wanderer (Jan '12)

Think I'm Falling (Nov '09)

Think Of Me  (April '14)

Thinking It Over (Mrt '11)

This & That

Three Beers To Mexico (Mrt '16)

Tick Tock Two (Jan '15)

Till The Neon's Gone

Til You Can't



Time Of Your Life (Mrt '16)

Times To Come (Jan '14)

T'morrow Never Knows

Toot Toot


Train Wreck

Triple Mix (Jan '15)


Until The Dawn (Jan '16)

Under The Moon Of Love (Jan '15)

Under The Sun (Feb '10)

Unmistakable(Nov '11)

Uno Mas

Urban Living


Victory Shout

Virginina County Line

Voodoo Jive (Apr '13)

Wake Me Up And Stay (Okt '12)

Wake Up With U

Walking Backwards

Walking Through  (Okt '14)

Waltz For A Sailorman

Waves of Love

Wedding Prospect (Apr '15)

Weekend Vibes

Welcome to the Hotel California

We're Good To Go

What A Memory

What a Wonderful world (p)

When I Need You (Jan '13)

When I See Ya

Whiskey Bridges

Whispering Wind

Whispering Your Name (Jun '12)

Whole New World

Who's Cheatin' Who (Apr '16)

Why Don't We Just Dance (Mrt '10)

Will You Still Love Me  (Okt '12)


Wonder Train

Won't Back Away (Mrt '17)

Wright Or Wrong


Wrong Side Slide

You Got It

You Make Me Wanna Sway

You're My Jamaica

Zjozzie's funk